Who owns the Dark Engine? What engine is SS1 in case Night Dive allows fan remix




SS1 original was its own engine, coded from scratch for the game.

SS1 remake is Unity.

Who owns Dark engine today, no idea.




SS1 quite clearly used a modified version of Ultima Underworld’s engine.


In this stream one of the devs stated SS’s engine was totally new and separate from UU’s (I’ll be damned if I’m sifting through ~10 hrs. of video to find it, but it’s well worth a watch anyway)



I somehow doubt that. Elements of the interface and level geometry definitely resemble UW. I’m sure they modified it heavily or even re-wrote parts of it but I wouldn’t call it a complete re-write.


I’ve noticed that some developers have different definitions of an “all new engine” than others.

idtech 2, 3, 4, Goldsource and Source were all “new” engines, despite all having code from as far back as Quake 1 in them.


After production began, the team’s first task was to develop a new game engine—one that could display a true 3D environment and allow for advanced gameplay.[21] The team abandoned the engine used for the Ultima Underworld games and coded one from scratch in Watcom C/C++, using 32-bit code. The new engine is capable of processing texture maps, sloped architecture and light-emitting objects; and it allows the player to look in any direction, whereas Ultima Underworld’s engine was “very limited” in this regard.[1][2][3] It also enables the player character to jump, crawl, climb walls and lean, among other things.[21][27] The designers utilized loopholes in the engine’s renderer to create more diverse and striking environments. Despite having coded the renderer, Church said that “at first glance even I couldn’t see how they did them”. However, this added to the performance issues already being caused by the engine’s advanced nature, and the team struggled to optimize the game throughout development. 3D polygonal character models were planned, but they could not be implemented on schedule.[1]


Kinda like Bethesda rebranding Gamebryo… LOL!


That’s what I thought as well, but no it turns out it was an all new engine. Sources are on the internet, don’t see why I should have to spend another five minutes looking it up for anyone else who’s interested.


I don’t doubt the sources or the things ppl said. I just bet there was a lot of copy/paste going on with code functions. No way SS1 was a completely unique, scratch re-write. That’s my opinion.