Why does google think this is part of the Ultima seires?


Who listed Underworld Ascendant as part of the UItima series on Google? Just google search and on the right of the screen it claims this is part of the Ultima series.

You claim you will get sued to use anything from Ulitma and then the day it is available for purchase on PS4 I notice it is listed under the series “Ultima”. How is that legal? You people just choose whatever will suit you, will drag another person’s work and legacy through the mud and rip off the fans that gave you the opportunity in the 1st place.

You have made it clear this is not an ultima game many times, through very late correspondence and simply through the game you have delivered, yet will try and tick as many boxes as you can to salvage what little money you can.

So who decided to list it as part of the ultima series? And if it was some auto generated info by google bots then you better correct it now, you know, on account of the big bad EA suing you.


What exactly did you use as your search terms? I’m not seeing it. I typed in Underworld Ascendant and nothing else.


Underworld Ascendant IS the sequel to Ultima Underworld I: The Stygian Abyss. So, it is part of that series. That being said, it is also NOT an Ultima game. So it’s not part of the larger series.

EA owns two licenses: Ultima and Underworld. OtherSide licenced the second for Underworld Ascendant, but they cannot use any IP that originated in the Ultima series and not the Underworld series. The distinction is lost on me, but I’m not a lawyer.


that’s all I typed in too, I’m using google chrome and search results come up with summaries from metacrtic, steam, PC gamer, wiki and a few others. It is clearly listed as part of the ultima series and SOMEONE is responsible for labeling it as such. And wiki pedia does not list it as part of ultima in either ultima or underworld’s wikis, ua is listed as part of the “underworld” series.


No stygian abyss is listed as part of the ultima series, ua is not and it has been discussed here before. Not hard to find the topics in this ghost town of a forum. This place is almost as empty as game world of ya.


“Someone” took down the Ultima series label in the summarized Google search results.