Xbox one x game freezing/deleting inventory


My handle is ShortyBigLips on xbox one one playing game got to graveyard and the game froze and gave me an achievement for long jump. The game restarted back to xbox menu and i restated the game and when i returned to game it had deleted the current saved games and deleted all my inventory. I don’t know what’s going on but fix the :bug: i love the game!


Oh no! Sorry to hear it.

I’ll check in with the team to see if we can reproduce this. I’m surprised it restarted the game AND deleted all your local saves…


Now the hand equipment is just taking up space not allowing me to select item to equip or drop!


The hand bandages are the ones that don’t show up but are in the inventory.


And why is there only one tree respawn spot in first area?


Once you pick up the Silver Sapling seed for the first time, you can plant it anywhere in dirt to change your respawn location.

There are also “autosaved” Sapling locations if you die before reaching it for the first time.

For the hand bandages, what do you mean by “don’t show up”?


he probably means what i told you 3 weeks ago, you know when you claimed you were logging my bugs. you can’t highlight handwraps in your inventory.

fyi i contacted sony for a refund on my ps4 purchase. multiple departments contacted me about it. i was very surprised i got any response at all yet alone some senior complaints department person. they tried to make me jump through so many hoops and get build numbers and play the game long enough to make it crash, and upload videos of the whole thing. i felt like another free QA tester. sony and otherside really let me down.


Ah, I misunderstood his second post in relation to the first.

This should already be tracked but I’ll double check the status on Xbox One.


Well i just received word that sony will refund my money, no store credit but real money. Thank you sony for finally looking into the matter.


Oh, thank god. That’s fantastic!


Was it difficult getting your money back? I’m in the UK and when I’ve tried getting money back for another broken game they wouldn’t because I had played it for a couple of hours.


Hi stbens

I referred sony to this very website. I pointed out how sluangkhot (an employee of otherside) claimed the console versions were the updated pc versions. I only purchased thinking I was at least getting the most up to date pc build. I then pointed out how sluangknot admitted to being incorrect and took personal responsibility for the incorrect information. I thought that alone would be enough but it wasn’t so I let them have it with a very rude and aggressive email then I left a comment here about how unhappy I was with sony. And then like magic I was contacted with an email telling me I was refunded the money. There was some legal mumbo jumbo about how them assume no legal liability and wanted to ease my inconvenience and thanked me for my time.

Learn the game, virtually all customer reps are paid to rip you off. f*** them over if they try and f*** you over. My tiny drop of money in their ocean of wealth isn’t worth it when there is potential for a Jim Sterling type to expose them.