Your Dream Game


Have you considered both Hitman and Invisible, Inc. They both seem similar to what you’re describing.


Answering the original question :

Underworld Ascendant? :slight_smile: Seriously I’ve dreamed about this game since I finished the second one (I had no idea UW2 even existed until I stumbled across the big box in the bargain bin at KB Toys -> that was a great day in gaming).

Honorable mention would be Dwarf Fortress in the year 2025 when it has a mod for Dungeon Keeper esque graphics, the dwarves are self aware, and I can wander my fort in glorious 90’s style pixel graphics.


This is probably closer to the truth than my reply.


I’m thinking of something more along the lines of Deus Ex gameplay (first person action/stealth with conversation component) but that is broken out into pre-planned missions that are launched from a mission planning interface screen.

Hitman has some cool ideas I’d like to see borrowed for it though, like disguises.


Master of Magic redo. There have been some games that were so close, but none have actually hit the mark yet. I still play that game all the time in dosbox, but I’d love a modern adaption.


I think there is one, World of Magic, on Steam.


I’m wondering what’s going to happen when somebody thinks to combine real survival mechanics with survival horror as a genre. :wink:


Including a zombie apocalypse scenario in a disaster preparedness exercise?

Less “dream game” and more “nightmare game,” maybe…


Not a fan of zombies. Thanks, tho! Did not realize one existed. Certain genres have strong synergy.


Might as well keep this thread lively. I imagined a caveman survival sim set during the last ice age, where you had to hunt down woolly mammoths, protect yourself from sabertooth tigers, etc. Of course, food and shelter were of vital importance, as was crafting, due to extreme temperatures, and protection from the elements; such as finding shelter during a hailstorm.

My second dream game I devised on a more conscious wavelength: I wanted an cyberpunk a-RPG akin to Diablo. Deus Ex hacking and lockpicking and such. Make it almost Metroidvania experience, minus platforming. I presented this earlier in the thread, but a couple years ago I came up with what I thought would be a good backstory: An objects appears, rotating around our known sun. The world governing body organizes a spaceship, tough enough to withstand the temperatures of our own, to approach said object, which is also powerful enough to endure the intense heat. As they approach, the object appears to be a spaceship, made of pure crystals, which refract and defract the light. A critical error aboard your own craft leads you to abandon ship, boarding the alien spacecraft. From there, think a cyberpunk Diablo set in a noirish universe, both Tron and Shadowrun, with light katanas, and everything that is cool about cyberpunk, down to the trench coat jackets. Implants rather than armor. An ascending skilltree based upon procedurally generated skill tomes, which encourages exploration. Generic keylocks, so they can be hacked or disabled. The ability to control turrets, find cover by pressing ‘Shift,’ which binds you to the nearest cover, and projectile-based weaponry; along with psionic powers. The style would blend with the ship after a time, and as the entire proceeding would have to be simulated, as real refractions would be processor-intensive–however it would be cool to have a huge, hovering sun in the background, sending refracting rays through a prism-ship. Hacking and boarding, and finding your way through, just scrounging for survival above an alien craft. The plot would unravel as you go, like any good mystery that builds to a climax. Just like a pandora’s box. Something surreal. As the sci-fi trappings. Of course, the entire point of cyberpunk is how groovy it would be, so replacing armor with cybernetic limbs would play well into this atmosphere. It is tight, and tense, cover-shooter mechanics. Been dreaming of this game for years. Ever since Restricted Area failed, and I wanted somebody to pick up on the potential of a futuristic, dystopian Diablo clone. :-\


One more thought the recent discussion about UA brought up is how cool it would be to have an Underworld game with a Lovecraftian theme, focused on survival-RPG mechanics. The plot would unravel as you go, with a Cthulhoid plot about unnameable horrors waking up. Eventually the plot could delve into surrealism, with non-Euclidian geometry, and so forth.

To be fair, I could even imagine a Thief-game set in this universe. Garrett always seems to set things in motion, yet the clockwork of which remains beyond his control. It would make for some awesome Thief-levels, which could be compared to the art of M.C. Escher.

That, and post-apocalyptic survival horror. Zero zombies, please.


This thread needs a breath of air. I was recently surmising on what kinds of games I like to play, when I reached an epiphany. I would like to see a Lovecraftian game based upon being an investigator, and using investigative tools to uncover the Great Old Ones. Nothing original, but hear me out. My next idea is for House of Leaves, my favorite novel. A family moves to a house, only to discover the inside is larger than the exterior. A dark hallway forms in the living room, and the children disappear into it. As the main character, you must take several expeditions into…who knows where…to find out the mystery of the house, and where the children disappeared to. Anyone who’s read House of Leaves knows it cannot be read linearly. It is full of puzzles. The pages look like-so:


The most recent Lovecraftian themed game that I played was Amnesia: The Dark Descent. There aren’t many of them and I would like to see one that focuses more on things that just shouldn’t be, impossible geometries, and the like.


I’m not complete until one takes me to “Antarctica.” :wink:


Ah my Dream game…

A true ‘Boldly Going’ Starship simulator. More explore strange new worlds than seek out and kill them.
A survival sandbox game that really concentrates what makes humans awesome - building a society instead of every man forthemselves kill fest. This almost happened many moons ago…where did I put that Project Fate design doc…
A future world Thief game - think Thief meets Han Solo and Slippery Jim DeGriz.


I like all of your ideas but that stuck out in particular!


We were close to making that happen, and I agree it is the one that keeps me up at night too.
I think one of the reasons that the Day-Z horror scene ends up lacking appeal is if you are not ‘hardcore’ and put in enough time there is no way to enjoy it.
If you incentivized players to show a bit of kindness to new people–because new people help out the community in some tangible ways–anyway…
Yeah I have it pretty much all written out. Interestingly some of the ideas on how to make things happen have converted over to this game too, which is cool.
Since that game was going to be a persistent world MMO --to me one of the big hurtles of running MMO’s was content. It just gets devoured very quickly. Looking at what Day-Z and others were succeeding without a ‘story’ element made me think about what is the next level of that? In the background we always had this scheduler running…turn this on, shut off the XP bonus, add Santa Claws whatever. We also on DDO made the ability of ‘random events’ that whole encounters could be spawned around the maps. I wanted to take these two thing and really push it. I also wanted to leave them open ended so the players really kind of decide how it goes down. For example an abandoned aircraft carrier floats into the bay (yes this was a post apoc game) complete with planes and stuff. Players could well, do whatever. Take the planes and horde them for a long time, turn the thing into a base of operations, or just go joy riding and blow the thing up. It creates gameplay that could have long term consequences , or just be a diversion for a night.
Anyway back to work–need to finish combat.


It’s weird that all these survival games are designed to almost aggressively discourage players from helping each other, since literally our biggest evolutionary advantage is our ability to create societies.

Also, I’ll toss one more dream game out there (and I’d like to actually make this game some day – no rush):

Full Metal Pirates. It’s basically Star Control 2 (including the simple 2d graphics), except instead of being in a spaceship exploring the universe, you’re in a pirate ship commanded by robot pirates. Also, rather than making the combat an Asteroids knockoff, it would switch to a SHMUP for the actiony bits.


I should go find the concept workup I did a few years back for a mostly-cooperative game. The goal was simple: establish a self-sustaining colony on the Earth’s Moon.

The hitch: the game starts with tech as it was in the year A.D. 1400.

The gimmick: the world is built filled with basic chemical resources and a vast array of physics processes at multiple scales. Basically a chemistry/electromagnetism/gravity simulator.

The notion is that players will cooperate to discover these processes and resources, and will work together to build technologies that enable some team to be first to establish a lunar colony. This does imply that there’s a competitive aspect. But because the resources are vast, it doesn’t get perceived as a zero-sum situation that rewards competitive play over cooperation. “Winning” is just bragging rights; the fun comes from the discovery/invention gameplay.

Assuming enough people play it to pay to keep the servers running and food on the developers’ tables, while the initial Space Race gets under way the developers can be working on the next iteration: colonizing and terraforming Mars, then Europa, and on outward.

Still would like to see someone try this.


Maybe I said it already but… Elite: Dangerous.
Yes, right now it’s not completely developed, but every year there are one or two major patch and they’re really really bringing it together… If it keeps evolving at this pace(BTW I’m a kickstarter backer with Lifetime DLCs for free :stuck_out_tongue: ) I can’t see myself ever giving it up.