Your UW3 LOL = It went wrong


So we and the Devs know it went all wrong

Why could you not actually Make UW3 ?

i tell you why you did NOT success : When we first got into the Abyss we had nothing in a 3D Game
I ate Bland crops to survive , I drowned when i tried to swim , I fight against Rotworms … finally i found a badly worn Leather armor and THEN repair it ?

I Dont like this portals
i want UW 1 even in a better GFX just forget about the new shit and embrace the OLD school …

AND i tell you one thing UW1 remake just with better GFX and some small twists should have done pretty good .

I HATE portals and your quests … think about OLD games with a new engine
just remake UW1 with some new maps and Forget this new shit i dont like it


I implore everyone to ignore this thread. It’s perfect as it is.


Welcome to the forum, @EldersAI :)


lolololol (sorry, didn’t ignore)